Proper Care of the Ultrasound Probe

Obvious points …

  • Try not to drop it.
  • Try not to set it near sharp instruments that might scar its surface.
  • Try to always hang it from the probe-hanger on the side of the system or cart.

Less obvious points …

  • Try to use either soapy water or T-Spray (shown below) to clean the probe.
  • You can use an alcohol swab if necessary — but then rinse off the alcohol so it doesn’t dry out the probe.
  • Same goes for the probe stand-off (always rinse this off and store it wet).


Disinfectant T-Spray

The main point to remember when cleaning your probe is not to allow alcohol to dry out the surface of your probe. In fact, avoid it entirely if you can, except perhaps as a quick disinfectant (and then rinse off the alcohol with a wet paper towel). The best disinfectant solution for cleaning transducers is "T-Spray."

If you need more T-Spray just have someone at your office give us a call and we can get some more out to you. It’s under $15 with shipping, but one bottle will last you a long time.



The Probe Stand-Off

There are several kinds of soft-rubber stand-off probe attachments, and for the most part the care is identical: you want to rinse them off thoroughly with soapy water and then store them wet in a Tupperware container. (Just make sure you do not set the container where it might be mistaken as someone’s lunch and end up in the refrigerator or garbage — we have seen both happen!)