Setting Up Your Ultrasound Printer

1.) Besides the obvious power cables to the ultrasound and to the printer, you are going to need two connecting cables to properly hook the ultrasound and the printer together: You will need the video printer cable (with silver, twisty BNC ends) and the black printer-remote cable (with two male ends: one an RCA-type end and the other a headphone-jack-type end):


2.) The important point is that it requires BOTH of these cables to hook your printer up properly. The silver-twist-ended video cable runs from the Video Out port just about smack dab in the middle ofthe back panel on the ultrasound to the Video IN on the back of the printer. The ends should twist and lock in place.

(Note: your ultrasound and the printer both come with one of these cables. Use whichever one you like and keep the other as a back-up in case the first ever gets damaged.)


3.) Now take the black remote cable and plug in the RCA-type plug into the back of the ultrasound where it says "Printer Remote." The other end of this goes to the back of the printer itself, and plugs in on the far right, where it says "REMOTE."

(Note: your printer also comes with a hand-switch button remote. I recommend storing it but using the remote cable to the ultrasound instead. The hand-switch button just gets in the way.)


Here are some diagrams that should be helpful …