Making Sure You Can View the Videos on This Site

Much of the material on this site will consist of text and images, but some of the best material will be in the form of videos. We need to make sure your computer is set up to handle the Quicktime videos on this site. If you aren’t able to see the videos on the page you just came from, then you probably need to install the free Quicktime Player. These notes below will show you how, step by step.

Once you go to the link and start the process, it’s very straightforward, but just in case, I’m including screenshots of every step you will run into from start to finish … and while it might look like a lot, most of these "steps" are just you watching it do its thing or clicking one button.

Step 1: Go to and click "Free Download."

This step is easy enough. Just go to this page to get started: (This will re-route you to, but it’s easier to just type in Then simply click the button for "Free Download."


Step 2: Uncheck the little check boxes, and click "Free Download Now."

Be sure the top item is selected (Quicktime but no iTunes), then be sure to un-check those little boxes, then just click the big "Free Download Now" button.


Step 3: Click "Run."

In this box that comes up, simply click the button for "Run."


Step 4: Let it do its thing …

Nothing to do here … just let it go through its installation process.


Step 5: Click “Run” again.

Now you should get another opportunity to click “Run.”


Step 6: Just let it do its thing again.

Nothing for you to do here, just let it install.


Step 7: Click "Next."

In the installation wizard that comes up, just click "Next." In the next window that comes up click "Yes," to agree to the terms, and in the next one "Install." and then "OK."


Step 8: Just let it do its thing again.

Again, nothing to do here. Let it finish the installation process.


Step 9: Click "Finish."

Now just click "Finish."


Step 10: Click "No Thanks."

If at the very end it asks you if you want to upgrade to QuickTime Pro, just click the button for "No Thanks."


And that’s it! You’re done!

From here on out, you should have no problem viewing videos on this site.