How To Tackle This Site

This site hosts a substantial amount of material. You can of course just start jumping around through the tabs, but after you have looked around a bit, I very strongly recommend that you follow the steps below, in order, and work your way from the basics on through to the more advanced material. There is a system here, and by following it you are going to get the absolute most out of your time spent on this site — and see the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Simply start at the top of this list and work your way to the bottom. You can’t hope to go through it all in one sitting, so come back to this page whenever you return to the site and take up again where you left off.


Getting Started

  • Read through the material in each top-most tab to familiarize yourself with the site layout. (If you hover over a navigation tab up top, it will drop down a menu of options, but if you actually click the tab itself you will find yourself on the main introductory page of each section.)
  • Review the list of Common Exams and Procedures so you have an idea of what you’ll be doing with your ultrasound soon.
  • And then jump into the following main steps …


Setting Up & Configuring Your System

  • Choose the tab for your ultrasound model and work through the "Set-Up" and "Configuration" sections. Don’t skip this part. Working through these two sections only takes a few minutes, but it will ensure that your system is set up properly and configured with the optimal settings for foot and ankle imaging. It will also train you on many of the basics on operating your system and begin to familiarize you with the controls.


Become Solid with the Core Work Flow

  • Download the core work flow notes and console diagram (available under the work flow tab under each ultrasound model). You will follow the console diagram during the next step (and it makes a great one-page cheat-sheet while you are getting started). The notes will come him quite handy for review after you have gone through the next step …
  • Choose the tab for your ultrasound model (CTS-5500+, CTS-7700+, Etc.) and set aside at least an hour or two to study the material and videos under the "Work Flow" section. Have your ultrasound at hand so you can following along on your system, as well as the notes and diagram printed out in the previous step.
  • After going through the "Work Flow" module, you will definitely want to sign up for our "Tips and Reminders Email Series." Adding yourself to this list will initiate a series of daily emails (some daily, some every second or third day), which, arriving in your In-Box, will cover one more step in the work flow, along with additional tips and various reminders — all meant to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks in your mastery of the Core Work Flow. If an email arrives and you scan it and nothing stands out as new, simply delete it. But you can be sure some will arrive and instead you will think "Ah, yes! Forgot that!" or "That’s a great idea, I can try that today." You may also come across a few that you will want to pass along to your assistants. Sign up for this sequence of emails by clicking here.
  • And speaking of your assistants, the various tabs have sections under them specifically for your assistants and nurses to review.
  • At this point be sure to also study the section under "Work Flow" covering how to properly save, move, and archive your digital ultrasound images. Links to these topics are included under the final section of the work flow, where we cover saving images.


Your Next Steps — Toward Mastery

  • Now you will want to apply the work flow you have studied, by working through the material under the “Applications” tab. Start with Plantar Fascia exams, since those are going to prove most common and easiest to master as you are first learning. Also be sure to review the sections on Probe Technique, Stand-Off Technique, and Guided Injections.
  • This is also where you are going to want to start digging into your Atlas of Foot and Ankle Sonography. Take one section at a time (corresponding to what you are focusing on in this site) and read up further on some of the distinctions you will want to be able to make and study the diagrams for more insight into probe orientation and what you are looking for in the images. The Atlas will also help familiarize you better with some of the common words and terminology used in documenting ultrasound procedures. (You can also find some of this in our glossary. Be sure to review this as well.)
  • If you are a "Gold-level" member, you will also at some point want to begin working through modules in the "The Workshop," which is under the "Applications" section of the site. There is no particular order to follow here; simply jump in where something seems of interest. And remember: as you get better and better at using your ultrasound, we would love to have you contribute something to this section of the site as well. It is in this way that we can ensure that the site continues to grow and that our "Gold-level" members gain the value of learning from their colleagues.


Position Yourself in the Top 5% With Your Billing

  • At some point around here you are sure to start having questions about the proper billing of podiatry ultrasound exams and guided injections. Be sure to take some time to go through the material under the "Billing" tab. Download the documents there and study them (and pass along the "CPT and ICD9 Codes" document to your billing clerk). The document on "Bullet-Proof Billing" is indispensable, and the Word document "Sample Report Templates" will give you a great place to begin when preparing the templates you will be using when putting reports together for your patients’ charts. Following the advice in these downloads will ensure that your annotations and reports are impeccable, that your archives are perfectly organized and properly backed up, and that your billing is being submitted correctly on every exam, every procedure.


Step Up Your Marketing

  • You may have already noticed that we have taken the liberty of creating a "Marketing" tab, where you will find a number of strategies for increasing your referrals and new patients. This section opens with a couple of easy-to-implement systems that will help turn your ultrasound into a referral magnet. Following these, however, you will also find some additional marketing ideas drawn from such marketing giants as Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Jeff Paul, Dan Kennedy, and others. The material in this section alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars — so take advantage of it and claim the market advantage in your area. This section of the site will be growing with time, so check back now and then to see what else has been posted.