The patient’s name and an ID number must be on the image.

Every image should include the patient’s name and some kind of ID number. You should see the patient’s name and ID down at the bottom left corner of the screen, just under your exam type. If for any reason you do not see "Patient" and "ID" listed there, press the Menu button (the Tool icon at the lower left corner of your console), then with System Set-Up highlighted press "Enter" again, and then use your trackball to scroll down to the item named "Patient Info" and press "Enter" again: you can now use the trackball to change the setting from "Hide" (or "Off") to "Show" (or "On"), press "Enter" to select it, then press "MENU" again to save and exit. You should see "Patient" and "ID" now displayed at the bottom left.

Assuming you can see "Patient" and "ID" down there, we just need to go over how to put in a new patient so that their information displays (and therefore turns up on your prints and saved images).

  1. Find the patient input button (lower left corner of your console, with an image of two people on it). Press this button, and when the menu comes up, you will see that it is already highlighting the word "New" up at the top right. Go ahead and press "Enter" (to the right of your trackball) to create a new patient.
  2. Now we want to put in a name and an ID number, using the Enter button (to the right of the trackball) to move from one field to the next. Tip: decide whether to make all of your patient names all capital letters or all lower case letters, and stick with this in your practice, and make sure everyone does the same.
  3. Now go ahead and press "Enter" repeatedly to jump through the rest of the fields (you can also use your trackball to scroll down, though I prefer "Enter"). None of these other fields mean anything to you, of course, and with the probe you have attached, you can’t even really do anything to these fields anyhow. (Even "Female" and "Male." are meaningless, since that data won’t be saved for orthopedic, musculoskeletal, or podiatry exams.) So skip through those fields, and at the bottom, when it is highlighting "Set" (or "Save") press "Enter" one last time — and the box should disappear, and you should now see the patient’s info at the bottom left.
  4. That’s it. Just remember, though, that when the next patient comes in, you will need to press the Patient button again, and with it highlighting "New" press "Enter" to generate a new patient record, then put in the name and ID, and press "Enter" repeatedly to move through the other fields and save and exit.
  5. If you need to look someone up who has already been entered into the ultrasound during an earlier appointment, when you go into the Patient screen you will scroll your trackball up just a little bit, to highlight Import. Pressing Enter here will allow you to look up a patient by their ID number and pull them back up.



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