Adjust the Frequency

Pressing the Frequency button (FREQ), located just above and to the left of the Freeze button, toggles you through the various frequency settings.

As with depth, there’s no right or wrong frequency. Just go by what gives you the best resolution in the part of the image you are concentrating on.

Simply stated . . .

The lower the frequency, the deeper the penetration.

The higher the frequency, the shallower (more superficial) the penetration.

And put even simpler . . .

Most of the time you’re going to likely want to be around 7.5 MHz.

For the most part, you just want to glance up and see what your frequency is set at. Then adjust with the FREQ button as needed. The main thing is to take note of it, so you at least consider tweaking it if necessary. After a short while you’ll know where you want this set for each of your most common procedures.



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