Adjusting Depth

After you put gel on your probe and start scanning, you may want to zoom in or out for a better image, depending on what you’re looking at or the procedure you are performing.

There’s no right or wrong depth. Just go by what looks best to you.

Changing your depth simply requires toggling your “Depth” lever (the second lever from the right, in the middle of your console, above the “New ID” button).

Toggling this lever up and down zooms you in and out.

You’ll notice the centimeter hash marks on the left side of the image getting further apart as you zoom in, and closer together as you zoom out.

Note on Probe Orientation:

You’ll notice that one end of your probe has a dot on it. This dot corresponds to the dot you will see on the top left of the screen. Everything on that end of your probe aligns to the left. The very top of the screen is where the surface of the probe (and patient’s skin) is at. The centimeter hash marks down the left side of the image represent centimeters of depth beneath the patient’s skin. Something two marks down on the image would be 2 cm deep.

Note on Zooming:

The easiest way to zoom in and out is to use the Depth toggle. But you also have a Zoom button (just to the right of your Probe/Exam button). Pressing this gives you a box that shows where you’re at on the display and the amount of magnification. You can use the Menu dial to raise or lower the amount of magnification (from 1.5X to 4.0X), and you use the trackball to select the part of the display you are magnifying. When you’re ready to freeze, just press Freeze over at bottom right, or if you want out of the Zoom mode, just press the Escape (Esc) button to the left of the trackball.



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