Pre-Capture (While You Scan For Your Image or Conduct Your Guided Injection)

You have four main steps to take leading up to the point at which you press Freeze and capture an image you want to save. The steps are quick and simple, and after you’ve done them a few times you’ll be able to fly through each in literally two or three seconds.

But you DO want to hit all four steps.

1. Select Your Depth

2. Select Your Frequency

3. Position Your Focus Pointers

4. Adjust the Gain

. . . at this point you would scan or perform your procedure, and then press freeze.

Jump into the list at the top and work your way through all four steps. Repeat this until you’ve got it fully memorized and you can fly through it without a problem. The faster you become at dialing in an image, the better your results and the faster you can roll through your ultrasound procedures.