Making Measurements

If there’s something worth measuring, go ahead and measure it. You’re already here; might as well measure anything relevant, anything you might come back to compare against in the future.

Measurements are simple, and they add another level of sophistication to your ultrasound records.

After you’ve frozen the image and rolled the trackball back to the left to back up in your cineloop to choose the frame you want to work with . . . press the DIS button (to left of trackball) to pull up the green crosshairs for making distance measurements.

Position the crosshairs with the trackball, press Enter to choose your starting point, move the crosshairs to where you want to measure to, and press Enter again to choose your end point. Repeat as many times as you like. When you’re done making measurements, press Escape (Esc) to get out of this mode.

Note: If you botch your measurements, go ahead and press the Clear button (two buttons to the left of your space bar) and they’ll vanish so you can start over.

There are other calculations you can make using the “Meas” (Measurement) button, depending on your exam type. Feel free to explore these as well (they’re covered in the operator’s manual). But for the most part, at least 95 percent of measurements involve simple Distance measurements using the method above.



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