After You Freeze . . . Back Up In Your Cineloop

Take advantage of the fact that your ultrasound has such a robust cineloop. Having a cineloop allows you to be very loose with when you press Freeze, because you can always scroll backward in time to go back to a frame you want to actually save.

After you press Freeze, simply scroll your trackball to the left and you will see yourself scrolling back through the exam or procedure you just conducted.

You also have a Cine button over on the left side of your console, which acts as a simple Play / Pause button for playing back your cineloop. If you need to back up a good distance, you may want to use the Cine button to play back until you’re nearer the spot you want, and then press Cine again to pause . . . then use the trackball to scroll forward or backward as needed to find the frame you want.

Never assume that the frame you happen to freeze on is the best. Always scroll back at least a little bit and move forward or backward to find the sharpest image.

Steps For Delivering a Guided Injection:

  1. Bring up a good image on the screen.
  2. If necessary, have a nurse or an assistant take over the probe, maintaining angle and pressure.
  3. With your hands now free, deliver the injection as usual.
  4. Watch for the needle (sometimes visible, sometimes not) and look for the liquid (always visible).
  5. Remove the needle from the patient.
  6. Press “Freeze.”
  7. Scroll the trackball to the left, backing up, to find a frame where the injection was taking place.
  8. You don’t need to see the needle, just the liquid going in. This is the frame you will use.



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