Annotating Your Ultrasound Image

Placing Arrows on the Image

You should point arrows at any critical point of pathology (e.g., a rupture or a heel spur), and you should place arrows on the screen to indicate the location (and ideally the angle) of any guided injections.

With a frozen image on the screen, you can press the Arrow button (just to the right of your question mark button on the keyboard) and use the trackball to position it anywhere on the image. You are actually moving the tip of the arrow. Once you have the tip where you want it, use the Menu dial to spin the rest of the arrow around that fixed point, so that the arrow is exactly where you want it. Then press Enter to stick it there. You can now move the trackball and place a second arrow if you like, or just hit the Escape button (Esc) to exit out of arrow mode.

Creating Annotations

Easiest way to add words to your image is to press the Text button (to the far left of the space bar) and position the cursor wherever you like, type in what you want (use the backspace button to erase anything you’ve mis-typed), then move the cursor somewhere else and type more, etc.

(Note: It’s a good idea to give every image a “title” of some kind, usually down at the lower left corner of the image — for example, “Right Achilles Rupture” — and then to label at least one piece of anatomy, to label any pathology, and to label and points of injection.)

When you’re done typing, press Text again to exit text mode.

You can also use the Annot button (just to the left of the space bar), but you’ll want to first go into your Set Up menu (just to the right of the space bar), choose Annotation Edit, select your exam type over on the left, and then, in the little box below that list, you can type in other words or phrases you want to add. Type in what you want, click the Add button, and you’ll see the word appear in the box to the right. Go back to where you typed in your word, use the backspace button to erase it, type in your next word or phrase, click add again to add it to the box to the right, etc. Repeat until you have all of your most important words in there. Then click SAVE, OK, and Exit.

Now when you press the Annot button you will see a box appear to the right with all of your phrases in it. Use the cursor to highlight one, click Enter to choose it, move it anywhere on the image, and press Enter to stick it there. Repeat as needed . . . then press your Annot button again to exit out of annotation mode.

Note that you can always press the Clear button (between Text and Annot) to clear away any writing you’ve done on the screen. Or if you just need to fix something, you can press Text, position your cursor to the right of anything you want to change, press the back space button to erase something, then type in your changes. Press Text again to exit the text mode.

Remember, Text takes you in, then Text takes you out. Or Annot takes you in, then Annot takes you out. While with arrows, the arrow key takes you in, and Esc (escape) takes you out.



With that finished, all that is left is to save the image. Click here …