Putting in a New Patient

If you don’t have patient ID numbers in your office, or if you just prefer to use the default ID numbers the system generates for an exam (made up of the date and time of the exam), press the “New ID” button (over on the right side of the console) to generate a new patient ID number at the top of the screen. Now press the “ID” button. (If you do use your own patient ID numbers, skip the “New ID” button and just press “ID” to start.)

Fill out the patient’s info in the box that comes up, but put in last name first, with just a space between last name and first name (for example: Doe John). I suggest skipping the birthdate box entirely, as well as pretty much everything else on this screen, since none of this info is relevant to a musculoskeletal procedure, and it only takes up time.

With the name and ID in there, just click the “OK” button over on the right. You should now see that info displayed on the screen.

Or Pulling Up a Previous Patient

If the patient you are about to see has already been entered into your ultrasound, you can pull them up in one of two ways:

1.) By pressing the “ID” button and choosing the “Import” button over on the right.

2.) By pressing the “Archive” button.

In either case, you will then search for the patient and pull them up from memory.



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