CTS-8800 Plus Work Flow

Having a simple, repeatable series of steps to follow is critical when you are first learning how to conduct ultrasound procedures.

On the CTS-8800+ you’re going to have four simple steps before you press freeze to capture the image (pre-capture), and then four simple steps to finish up with a saved image (post-capture).

Stick with these steps over and over again through your first week or two of working with the ultrasound. Memorize the steps and become comfortable zipping through the sequence. Master this approach before starting to tinker with other things. You’ll become proficient this way. And because you will be able to conduct procedures faster, you will naturally make more use of the ultrasound every day.

Preparatory Steps

Choose Your Exam Type

Put in the Patient Name and ID

Pre-Capture (While You Scan For Your Image or Conduct Your Guided Injection)

Select Your Depth

Select Your Frequency

Position Your Focus Pointers

Adjust the Gain

. . . at this point you would scan or perform your procedure, and then press freeze.

Post-Capture (After You Freeze the Image You Want to Save)

Back Up In Your Cineloop

Make Any Measurements

Annotate the Image

Save the Image

… and at this point, you can press freeze again to go back to a live scan.



Now let’s run through the preparatory steps. Click here …