What you will find under the CTS-8800 Plus Tab

The material in this section is concerned specifically with the use the the CTS-8800+ in orthopedic and podiatry applications, although the particulars described can certainly cover other applications as well. Moreover, many of the functions of the CTS-8800+ are identical to what was possible on the earlier models (with a number of notable exceptions and improvements we will pay particular attention to as we go along). The main difference, with regard to work flow and operating the system, mostly comes down to the way the console is laid out.

  • 8800+ Set Up: This section covers exactly how to get your ultrasound properly unpacked and set up. …click here
  • 8800+ Configuration: This section covers how to initially configure your system for best performance. …click here
  • 8800+ Patient Prep: You will have two sections here, one covering how to put in a patient’s information, the other covering how to choose (and tweak) your exam type. For putting in a patient’s info … click here     And after that, For choosing or changing your exam type … click here
  • 8800+ Work Flow: Having a solid, efficient, repeatable work flow to fall back on with every exam has a profound influence on how quickly you become adept at operating your ultrasound and learning to make all of the key distinctions you will want to master. This section, complete with our custom notes and console diagrams, will ensure that you are comfortably performing exams right out the gate. You will find this section split into two main parts: 1.) For Pre-Capture … click here   And after that you will move to 2.) For Post-Capture … click here
  • 8800+ Assistants Page: This is the page you will want your assistant or nurse to review in order to take over some of the steps in the work flow, assist you properly during guided injections, as well as handle archiving images on the computer at the end of the day.…more