Think of “Gain” as energy or the volume of sound coming from your probe. The higher the gain, the brighter the image. The lower the gain, the darker the image.

You have two ways to adjust gain. You can adjust the overall gain with the “B-Gain” knob (although leaving this set to 70 is usually safe). Where you will fine-tune your gain is with the TGC gain sliders. And here’s how those work … Think of the top slider as controlling the amount of gain being fed to the very top of the screen (the most superficial part of the image), and then each slider from the top down affecting a little further down on the screen. (After you play with these a little it will make perfect sense. If you look to the left of the image, as you adjust any of the sliders, you’ll notice the system draws a line, which moves in accordance with which part of the image you are affecting.)

The idea with the TGC sliders is to move the sliders affecting the parts of the image you don’t care about more to the left — lowering the energy in those areas and darkening them — while keeping the sliders near the middle in the areas of the image you are concentrating on … And then tweaking those sliders governing the area you are focusing on, moving them a little to the right (brightening that part of the image) or a little to the left (darkening that part of the image), to fine-tune the clarity of what you are concentrating on.

As a default starting point, the best way to set your sliders is not the way you see them in the image above, but rather to set the top four or five right around the middle, maybe just a little right of middle … and then have the rest below those fade off to the left, so that the bottom one or two sliders are all the way far left (basically turned off). This is a safe place to return to if ever you want to “reset.”

Don’t neglect the sliders. You should always be using these to tweak your image. They can have a substantial effect on the quality of your image.



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  4. Adjust Focus Pointers
  5. Fine-Tune Gain Sliders
  6. Scan for Image
  7. Freeze the Image


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