Roll your trackball up and down to move the Focus Pointers on the right side of the screen up and down, to point at the area on the screen you are focusing on. This is how you tell the ultrasound where your region of interest is located.

You can press the “Focus” button (just below the “Freq” button) to change how many pointers are displayed (allowing you to narrow or broaden how much area you are focusing on). You will usually have two or three pointers displayed, and you will use the trackball to move them up and down. Think of these as little flashlights you want to point at the part of the image you are paying attention to.



Quick Links: Pre-Capture

  1. Name and ID
  2. Adjust Depth
  3. Check Frequency
  4. Adjust Focus Pointers
  5. Fine-Tune Gain Sliders
  6. Scan for Image
  7. Freeze the Image


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