Correcting the time or date at the top of the ultrasound screen

If the time is off a little, that’s not so bad, but you definitely want the date to be correct on your ultrasound images. I cover below how to fix the time and the date if either isn’t the way you want it.

Press MENU
This button is three to the right of your spacebar.

With "System Set-Up" highlighted, press ENTER
It should be highlighted already, simply press the "Enter" button to the right of your trackball.

Select "Date and Time" and press ENTER
This is probably already highlighted, so just press "Enter" again.

Select whichever item you want to change …
You can change the date, the date format, the time, and the time format. Use the trackball to highlight the one you want to change, then press "Enter." Now, using the keyboard and the "Enter" key, make the changes you want. When you are correcting the time or the date, you will type in each entry as two digits and press "Enter" to advance to the next field. (NOTE: when changing the time, you have to type in the figures in military time — for example, using 13 for 1PM — so the system will know if you mean AM or PM. As long as you have the time format set to 12-hour (AM/PM) it will display as normal, even though you type it in as military.)

When you fill in the last field, you will then press MENU again to save the changes and exit.

Repeat those steps to make any other changes you wish to make to Date and Time
Just remember to always press MENU at the end to make the changes stick.