You certainly don’t want it saying "Thyroid" at the bottom of your screen!

We want to create a custom exam type for your ultrasound named "Podiatry" or "Podiatric" or "Foot Ankle." And this exam type, once saved (or updated) will lock in your new defaults and will even make it possible to create your own exam-specific custom annotation phrases.

Press EXAM
After you have checked all of your settings and set them to be your new defaults, press "Exam" (two buttons to the right of your spacebar) to pull up the exam type menu.

If you already see "Podiatry" listed as an option …
Now, if you already have a "Podiatry" exam type in the list, all we are going to probably do is update it to hold your new settings. Use the trackball to highlight it, then press "U" to update the exam settings (you may have to then press "Enter" to confirm the update). Then, with "Podiatry" highlighted, just press "Enter" again and it will save and exit.

If you DO NOT see "Podiatry" in the list, following these steps:

  1. If it’s not in the list, you will need to scroll down to the very bottom of the menu box to where it says "User Defined From Active."
  2. With that highlighted, go ahead and press "Enter." A little box will come up. Type into this box either “Podiatry” or “Podiatric” or “Foot Ankle” (I don’t think you can fit in "Foot and Ankle," and I don’t think it lets you use an ampersand "&" — something I hope to see change soon).
  3. Once you have typed it in the way you want it, press "Enter." Now you will see it listed, with a "U" next to it indicating that it’s a user-defined exam type. Highlight it with the trackball, and press "S" to set this exam type as your default. A little number sign ("#") will pop up next to it.
  4. Finally, with "Podiatry" highlighted, just press "Enter" again and it will save and exit.