Placing your name or practice at the top of the ultrasound screen

If your name isn’t at the top of the screen, or if you just want to edit the way it is written there, follow the steps below to add it or to make changes. This will appear on all of your printed and saved images, so you definitely want it up there.

Press MENU
This button is three to the right of your spacebar.

With "System Set-Up" highlighted, press ENTER
It should be highlighted already, simply press the "Enter" button to the right of your trackball.

Select "Facility Name" and press ENTER
Use your trackball to highlight "Facility Name" and press "Enter" again.

Type in your name (or facility name) and press ENTER
If there is already something up there, you may need to press Backspace (top right corner of your keyboard) to erase anything you may want to type over. Once it is typed the way you like it, press "Enter" again.

If you are back to the Menu, press "Menu" again to save and exit
Whenever you make changes in the Menu, you get into it by pressing "Menu" and you get out of it by pressing "Menu." Exiting this way saves your changes.