Every ultrasound you perform (and bill for) requires that you not only have an image printed or saved, but also that you have some kind of report in the patient’s record outlining your findings and perhaps your reason for using an ultrasound in the procedure.

We recommend that you spend some time going through the sample reports in the file linked below (available in three different formats) and edit those to more closely fit your style and what sorts of things you wish to document from your exams and procedures. Once you have your own personalized templates set up, you will be able to refer back to them and simply make a few changes as necessary and as specific to a given exam, and thereby speed up this part of your work considerably.

Definitely keep reports on every ultrasound you perform. The more complete and professional your reports, the more bullet-proof your billing.

Download our sample report templates in any of three available formats:

(You may be able to simply click the links above. It may open up in a separate window, or it may download to your computer, depending on your computer’s settings. If that doesn’t work for you, right-click the link and choose "Save target as" or "Save file as"and save the file to your desktop.)


This set of templates will be updated soon and should nearly double in size. (And if you would like to contribute an edited version of your own, for inclusion in the next collection, by all means we would love to see it. Please email it to shawn [at] fisherbiomedical.com.)