What you will find under the Applications Tab

There are a number of sections under the Applications tab, and within each a number of modules. And they are growing. So after you have completed your basic training materials, choose an application or pathology that is of interest to you, and dig in. Be sure to check back from time to time, as more material is continually being added.


  • Plantar Fascia: This section covers one of the most common applications you will be performing. You will begin with measuring the thickness of the fascia and checking for heel spurs, hematomas, ruptures, etc. As you work through the section you will learn to make more subtle distinctions among a variety of pathologies of the plantar fascia.…more
  • Neuromas: In this section you will learn how to find and identify neuromas, how to differentiate between a neuroma and capsulitis, how to use ultrasound in guiding an injection of a stump neuroma, etc.…more
  • Tendons: This is where we cover everything related to tendons (as well as most anything in the vicinity of the ankle).…more
  • Other Pathologies: Everything else is to be found here!…more
  • Probe Technique: This section covers all of the fundamentals behind properly handling the ultrasound probe for the best results. …more
  • Using Stand-Offs: This section covers the proper techniques used when incorporating various probe stand-offs for enhanced superficial imaging and any imaging around the ankle.…more
  • Guided Injections This section covers exactly how to deliver a proper ultrasound-guided injection, when it is appropriate (and when it isn’t), and how to correctly annotate your images and prepare your reports for documentation. …more
  • "The Workshop": This section is still under development with the assistance of a number of our clients supplying video and annotated images and commentary, as well as sample reports for documenting assorted findings. This section is exclusive to "Gold-level" members.…more